Health Factors To Consider Before Giving CBD Oil To Your Pets

CBD oil is increasing in popularity for pet owners because of its healing properties. For starters, CBD products come in many forms, including tincture, which is ingested orally or absorbed through the gums, and salve, which is used topically on the skin, or a variety of CBD enriched food products. CBD from the hemp plant contains less than 0.3 percent THC and does not create the psychoactive effects associated with feeling “high.” But before you apply CBD for your beloved pet, there are a few other things you need to know. As specified by Spinfuel’s gude to pet CBD, here are some of the factors you need to consider first.

Factor 1

First, it is essential to protect your pets from medications, dietary supplements, or tablets not administered by veterinarians. However, each animal is unique and can have a different effect on each pet. CBD products on the market contain harmful ingredients like artificial flavorings, such as Xylitol, which is incredibly dangerous for pets.

CBD cat

Companies have begun to integrate these flavors and sugar to make the products more “palatable” for individuals. Unfortunately, people are told that it is okay to provide individual CBD products to pets without understanding that there are things that creatures cannot have. It is essential to pay attention to this ingredient and not buy any products that have it for a pet.

Factor 2

CBD dogProducts with THC should not be used for your animals. By this time, most people are already aware of this fact, but not everyone pays close attention to the packaging label. Lesser-quality products are often components that you are not aware of, including THC or contaminants.  A large portion of CBD oils on the market has THC components, which in most cases, are harmless for people, and for pets with sensitivities, this can prove toxic. There is no way to know if your pet has that sensitivity or not, so you need to avoid the substance altogether.

Factor 3

Only buy from transparent brands with their third-party lab testing and publicize a Certificate of Analysis either on a website on the packaging confirming the results; look at these examples for more information. Hemp is an unusual plant in that it has the unique characteristic of pulling toxins from the soil. Therefore, testing is vital to ensure there is no cross-contamination with pesticides from neighboring crops, even for hemp organically grown.

Although cannabis has been used for centuries in a medicinal capacity, we are not supposed to speak of it in a therapeutic capacity today because it’s not officially recognized yet. As a pet parent, the foremost important thing is to ensure that your furry companion has an exceptional quality of life with each stage, through each phase, and with every trial and tribulation.